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Blog by Unreel Creative

We can't put in enough words with what we have accomplished in 2021, and not just here at UnReel, but the community we have worked alongside and been supported by!

This blog post is for all of you Creatives, for all of your hard work in 2021!

We want to first start off with the work we have done this year.

This year started out with nothing more than 2 friends finding the COVID struggle a little too much for being freelancers, with everything on lockdown we had to find a new structure for ourselves to stay afloat through the pandemic.

UnReel was founded after Trevor reached out to Eric about a manufacturing company who was looking for video and photo work. Solidifying a year long contract with Micro Tool & Machines Ltd. We launched UnReel Creative and found a studio downtown Winnipeg at 5 - 376 Donald St.

Since the launch of UnReel we have worked alongside so many talented professionals, through TV series, documentaries, commercials, music videos.

We have grown from just simply shooting videos to building entire brand strategies to help companies, and businesses kickstart their careers, and sharing the stories of their hard work and success in their industries.

Some of our favourite work in 2021 has included:

RAM TRX Spec Ad:


Driver / Stunt: Jordan Gledhill

Director - Trevor Johnsen

Cinematographer / DOP - Eric Curt Peters

Drone Operator - Adam Whitaker

Editor - UnReel Creative

Photographer - Trevor Johnsen

Collaborating Director - Thomas Biron

Eddy.B - 22 Official Music Video


Artist - Eddy.B

Director - Eric Peters

Assistant Director - Trevor Johnsen

Cinematographer / DOP - Eric Curt Peters

2nd Camera - Darryl Palapuz

Set / Wardrobe Design - Mary Rose

Editor - UnReel Creative

BTS Photographer - Trevor Johnsen

Friends of the CMHR Gala - Royal Winnipeg Ballet - Going Home Star Performance


Dancers - Stephan Azulay & Jaimi Deleau

Choreography - Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Director - Oai Truong

Assistant Director - Dean Smallwood

Cinematographer / DOP - Eric Curt Peters

2nd Camera - Trevor Johnsen

Location - Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Editor - UnReel Creative

Assistant Camera - Tony Nardella

Clark Copland - Late at Night


Director - Adam Whitaker

Assistant Director - Clark Copland

Cinematographer / DOP - Eric Curt Peters

Assistant Camera - Trevor Johnsen

Drone Operator - Adam Whitaker

Location - Lake of the Woods, Ontario

Editor - UnReel Creative

Touching - All I Need


Directed by Touching

Actors - Ron Plenert, Heather Gaskin, Justin Antoski

DOP - Tyler Funk

Gaffer - Ben Stouffer

Camera Assistant - Ryan Offenloch

Editor - Eric Curt Peters

This year wouldn't have been possible without the support of the community, All of the people we want to give a super special thanks will be named below. (No particular order).

Eddy Shema - @eddy.b47 - Artist / Rap

Congrats Eddy on releasing your first album, and music video hitting over 20k views! Excited to work together more in the future, and to be a part of your fam!

Adam Whitaker - @adamwhitaker - Director / Drone operator

From working on a TV show to late nights in the studio, and a weekend in Lake of the Woods filming like 9 music videos, we're so happy to see your success in BC!

Jordan Johnsen - @jordan_johnsen - Photographer / Videographer

Your ideas for videos are far beyond anything I could come up with. Look forward to collaborating more in the future!

Brett Meilleur - @eleventhvision - DOP/ Director / Writer / Drone operator

Having you as assistant camera on Higher Ed was one of the best experiences! Keep on working hard and can't wait to see what you have next!

Cayden Carfrae - @caidjones - Artist / Rap

Glad to have been a part of your success this year, with the release of your album, and multiple music videos!

Dave MacDonald - @strangersmediaco - Videographer / Photographer

Although we haven't worked together this last year, meeting you on the TIMBS shoot was incredible. Glad to see you recover from some hardships, and push back bigger and stronger! Excited to see what's new with Strangers Media Co.

Alex Decebal-Cuza - @alexdc62 - AC / DOP / Photographer

Seeing your work on the next film in Manitoba, your latest documentary, and news stories covering your success in Winnipeg, There's no doubt you're one of my favourite DOP's and colourists! Looking forward to collaborating this year!

Ken Lozano - @kenlozanophotography - Photographer

Your work has blown us away this last year, and moving into 3D design, as well as running your own photography studio, you're one of the hardest workers we know!

Ben Tamana - @officialbentamana - Artist / R&B

Every song you release has the visuals of a movie, always beautiful work that you do! Proud of you brother! Always a pleasure working with you!

Brittany Lambert - @_holdfastphotography - Photographer

Congratulations again on winning the Photographer of the Year at the 2021 MLM Awards! It was very well deserved!

Sarah Givoli - @sarahgivoli - Model/ Actor

One of the best friends we've had, always a pleasure having you over to help us with photo content, and just overall your personality is a blessing! Miss you and hope our paths cross again soon!

Ron Pineda - @artisanwinnipeg - Audio visual / Livestreaming services

Starting your business around the same time as ourselves, it's been a pleasure talking with you and collaborating on projects and events with us!

Jesse Carlson - @jessecarlsonrlp - Real estate agent

One of the first real estate agents I worked with and you have been one of the biggest supporters of our business from the very early stages. Always a blast working with you capturing your energy and selling some really beautiful homes!

Alejandro Penner - @alejandropenner - Photographer / Graphic designer

Starting out my career shooting music videos, and years down the road you turn out to be a pretty phenomenal photographer. Glad to have your support from day one! Keep up the amazing work!

Josh Diaz - @highlanddiaz - Photographer / Videographer

Always nice getting a phone call from you to help you on your next video shoot. Planning some things for the next year so I have an excuse to work side-by-side with ya!

Bomba - @producedbybomba - Musician / Gospel

You were actually the first person to book our studio when we first opened, and then brought your church in every Sunday for worship. We admired all of your hard work and generosity to us every time you came in! Thank you for everything!

Bounce Design - @bouncedesigninc - Digital marketing

Working together was like a well oiled machine! Thank you for the opportunity to work alongside you on multiple projects, and hope we have the opportunity again this year!

Rhyme and Rhythm - @rhymeandrhythm.ca - Wedding videographer

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you and help out on those beautiful weddings, I always get so emotional watching your work!

Brian Estacio - @nostalgicpass - Videographer

Super cool to have met you and talk about life, you have grown so much and it was always a pleasure to have you work with us. Looking forward to seeing the new things you create!

Michael Denisiuk - @mdmediaa - Videographer/ Drone operator

It's always a pleasure chatting with you! Watching you grow this last year has been very motivational

Ravi Rampersad - @obeah_r2 - Photographer / Videographer / Drone operator

Man you've been hustling hard, I always see you doing something new and exciting! You still need to come by for a few drinks!

Victoria Briceno - @vkybriceno - Social media specialist

Thanks for being so patient with us this whole year, and working alongside to build not only our own social media, but helping our clients as well!

Vaughn Van Nest - @vaughn.van.nest - Videographer / Editor

Up-and-coming videographer and editor, your work keeps on getting better everyday, keep up the grind brother!

Mathew Leblanc - @iam_mattleblanc - Photographer / Videographer

I remember you booking the studio for a shoot, and I didn't really know who you were. You blew me away with your directing skills!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us from the beginning, we couldn't have made it here without all of you working together to make this community stronger than ever before!

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Blog by Unreel Creative