A frozen journey - Birds Hill park

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The day was very cold, the warmest temperature on our schedule day to shoot ended up being -26c. So we designed an intro that could keep us inside for as much as possible for the day. We hope you like this one, hahaha.

After heading outside into the cold we were met with some challenging situations, such as the monitors on our Blackmagic and external monitors slowing down so much Eric could barely see if anything was accurately in focus. Although on review of the footage while editing, he nailed the focus despite the frozen screens. However, our mics did not make it the whole time. This is the first time the Rode 2 mics failed us. With the wind, brutally cold temperatures, and being outside for a few hours they held up all the way until the last scene. So I am not faulting Rode on this one at all. Had the dog boots on the dogs and they were happy to run around none stop with us. However, in the last scene, we let them stay warm in the cars.

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Want to follow the puppers?

Check them out on Instagram: @mickthehusky and @leroy_husky_germanshepard

Shoutouts! Boris: @Ehroko

Me: @I_am_trevorj

Car photos: @Uhhmoonss

Model: @nixx__xo

location suggestion: @Tannerwoods_

Gear used:

Nikon D850 with 70-200 mm, 24-70 mm

Blackmagic 6k

Atomos shinobi

Rode Wireless go 2