Max Winds - Tony Montana X Unreel Sessions

  • Unreel Creative


Max Winds takes the Unreel stage this week performing Tony Montana, exclusively on Unreel Sessions.

Max Winds, a hip hop artist hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, has gained widespread recognition for his Windy Wednesday music video releases, raising the bar for Winnipeg's music scene. With his debut track "Powder" in 2019, Winds has produced over 25 original tracks and visual productions, amassing more than half a million views on YouTube.

The moniker "Winds" is derived from his birthplace in Windsor, Ontario, and stands for "When Impossible Never Doubt Success." Winds' lyrics are characterized by their candidness and capacity to inspire individuals who are going through personal struggles.

He channels his lifetime of experiences and values into his music, resulting in authentic storytelling that resonates with his audience. In addition to his unique style, Winds has earned a reputation for being more relatable and personable than a typical artist.