How to Sell Furniture with Dufresne

  • Unreel Creative

  • Starring

    Emily Meadows
    Ady Kay

  • Client

    Dufresne Furniture & Appliances

  • Director

    Josh Diaz

  • 1st AD

    Eric Curt Peters

  • Behind The Scenes

    Eric Curt Peters

  • Director of Photography

    Josh Diaz

  • Producer

    Videos by Josh

  • Camera Operator

    Josh Diaz

  • Editor/ Colourist

    Josh Diaz


Dufresne Furniture & Appliances has hundreds of furniture sales associates working in its stores nationwide. To consolidate and optimize its training, the brand decides to translate its written sales training program into a video program for new and existing sales associates.

Dufresne hired Videos by Josh to shoot a series of 12 training videos, each covering a variety of essential steps and situations in the furniture sales process. Josh Diaz planned each video around a list of standard operating procedures to ensure absolute accuracy when recreating the source material.

The video series exceeded the brand's expectations, and it continues to use the videos to this day to train new sales associates.

Videos by Josh produced the videos, sourced the talent and crew, and filmed and edited the videos.

The series was filmed at the Dufresne Furniture & Appliances on Ellice Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Filmed on Sony FX3 Cinema camera. Edited in Premiere Pro & After Effects CC 2022.