Scenic Rush Advertisement

  • Unreel Creative

  • Producer

    Unreel Creative

  • Starring

    Sarah Givoli

  • Client

    Scenic Rush

  • Director

    Trevor Johnsen

  • 1st AD

    Eric Curt Peters

  • Behind The Scenes

    Evan Berard

  • Director of Photography

    Trevor Johnsen

  • Drone Operator

    Trevor Johnsen

  • Camera Operator

    Trevor Johnsen

  • Locations

    Vancouver, BC

  • Editor/Colourist

    Eric Curt Peters


To create a captivating and high-energy commercial that promotes Scenic Rush, a luxury sports car rental company. The advertisement should elevate the brand's image, showcasing the exhilarating experience of driving their sports cars and highlighting the luxury aspect of their services.

Production Equipment:
The commercial was filmed using the BMPCC6K camera, taking advantage of its high-resolution and color fidelity. The Tilta Hydra Alien, a professional handheld gimbal, was also utilized for creating smooth, dynamic, and cinematic shots.

Creative Direction:

The advertisement is conceptualized as a "hype video". It should therefore be packed with energy and excitement, demonstrating the thrill of driving a luxury sports car from Scenic Rush. The visual aesthetics should reflect luxury and sophistication, mirroring the brand's image. High-quality, dramatic, and dynamic shots of the sports cars should be central to the video. The backdrop of the video will leverage the stunning landscapes of BC, tying in the natural beauty of the region with the luxury experience provided by Scenic Rush.

Feature various luxury sports cars in the Scenic Rush fleet. Showcase the cars in motion, emphasizing their speed, power, and elegance. The video should capture the visceral joy and thrill of the driving experience. This could be done through shots of drivers' reactions, the roar of the engines, the speedometer rising, etc. Utilize the scenic landscapes of BC as the driving routes, which will create stunning visual backgrounds for the cars. The aim is to evoke a sense of freedom and luxury that comes with renting a Scenic Rush sports car.

End Goal: The commercial aims to generate excitement and interest in Scenic Rush's services. It should inspire viewers to experience the thrill of driving a luxury sports car in a beautiful setting, ultimately driving bookings and boosting the brand's reputation in the luxury car rental market.