Univants of Healthcare Excellence

  • Unreel Creative

  • Producer

    Bounce Design

  • Client

    Abbott Industries

  • Director

    Oai Truong

  • Editor/ Colourist

    Unreel Creative


To create an impactful, prestigious global awards show under the banner of "Univants of Healthcare Excellence". The show, lasting less than one hour, should highlight the exceptional work done in the healthcare industry. It should leave viewers feeling inspired, and reinforce the importance of celebrating excellence in healthcare.

Abbott, in partnership with leading healthcare organizations worldwide. Bounce design will be collaborating on the production of the show.

Creative Direction:
The awards show should embody a sense of prestige and excellence, aligning with the brand identities of Abbott and its partners. The design and visuals should reflect this, using high-quality footage from global healthcare organizations. The narrative of the awards show should showcase the key achievements made in the healthcare industry. It should highlight the nominees and their contributions, leading to the announcement of the award winners.

Utilize footage from various global organizations that showcase their work and contributions to the healthcare industry. This footage should be professionally edited and integrated into the program to create a cohesive narrative. Develop segments that provide insight into each nominee, their work, and why they have been nominated for the award. This should be informative, inspiring, and capture the significance of their achievements. Ensure the awards announcement is a climactic moment that celebrates the winner's contributions and dedication to healthcare excellence.

The entire show must be meticulously planned and executed to fit within a one-hour timeframe. The pacing should be engaging, ensuring a smooth flow from one segment to another.

End Goal:
The ultimate aim is to deliver a successful awards show that inspires and celebrates healthcare excellence. This show should elevate the profile of the "Univants of Healthcare Excellence" program, Abbott, and the respective winners, while shedding light on the pivotal work done in the healthcare industry globally.