Changemaker Event

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    Bounce Design

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    Canadian Museum for Human Rights

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    Dean Smallwood

  • 1st AD

    Trevor Johnsen

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    Eric Curt Peters

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    Eric Curt Peters

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    Trevor Johnsen

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    Eric Curt Peters
    Nick Yogendran

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    Eric Curt Peters


The primary aim of this campaign is to elevate the work and commitment of the Changemakers Circle members. Through a podcast and panel-style discussion, this campaign will provide a platform for these individuals, dedicated to instigating positive change, to share their stories and insights. It also encourages interaction with the audience, aiming to inspire others and engender a broader societal impact.

Target Audience:
This campaign will appeal to those interested in social causes, philanthropy, and community engagement. The targeted demographic includes current Changemakers Circle members, potential members, and the wider public who could draw inspiration from the Circle's endeavors.

The campaign will take the form of a podcast or panel-style discussion. Each episode/session will feature different members of the Changemakers Circle, who will discuss their experiences and the impacts they've made. At the end of each session, there will be a Q&A segment where audience members can engage with the panelists and ask questions.

Content and Messaging:
Showcase the personal narratives of the Changemakers Circle members, focusing on their dedication to societal improvement and the tangible impacts of their work. Highlight the Circle's long-term vision of instigating lasting, intergenerational change. Incorporate motivational messaging to stimulate audience members to contribute to the Circle's cause, whether by becoming a member, supporting its initiatives, or initiating their own changemaking projects.

Delivery Channels:
This campaign will be distributed primarily through podcast platforms, the organization's website, and social media channels. In addition to this, consider cross-posting the campaign on video sharing platforms to broaden reach.

End Goal:
Through increased visibility and recognition of the Changemakers Circle and its mission, this campaign aims to stimulate audience engagement and inspire action. The ultimate aspiration is to encourage more individuals to participate in the journey towards positive change, thus expanding the Circle's societal impact, both now and for future generations.