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Advertising Agency & Video Production Company in Winnipeg, MB

Unreel Creative, founded by Eric Curt Peters and Trevor Johnsen is an industry-leading production company who creates creative, inspiring, branded content, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and more...

Founded in 2021, Unreel Creative is an award winning corporate, commercial and advertising video production company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

We create immersive video content, effective strategic advertising campaigns, for businesses, brands, and artists.

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We create creative content to
a wide variety of brands, artists,
companies for social platforms.

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Together, we create
content that is meaningful
to your brand, and share your
story, through our lens.

Our Team

Cinematographer Winnipeg


Eric has been working around film and video production since 2012. Filming his first music video in 2012 and then onto commercial work in 2018.
With a passion for art, and music, he has worked with artists across Canada including Juno, Grammy, and other award winning artists landing him as music videographer of the year in 2022, alongside many other film festivals around Canada.

Photographer Manitoba


Trevor has been photographing for over10 years. He has been documented across hundreds of magazines, across the world, and has worked for some of the largest brands in Canada. A passion for the arts, and meeting new people, Trevor has a skill that has been unmatched when it comes to photography and his creative eye for digital media.

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Serving clients across Winnipeg, Churchill, Manitoba, Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Québec, Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, Surrey, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and Los Angeles, California, USA.

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