Thank you for the interest of being a part of Unreel Sessions! We’re hosting a series of live performances in our studio. Unreel Sessions is a music platform that features up-and-coming artists and their original music.


Our goal is to create a simple and uncluttered stage that puts the spotlight on the artists, allowing them to showcase their music without distractions. If you're looking for fresh, new talent, check out Unreel Sessions – where the focus is always on the music and the artists who create it.


We require all information below to be filled out to be eligible to be part of Unreel Sessions. We will not respond to any artists who have not filled out all fields in the form below.

Sessions is a based on a marketing platform designed to help promote and advertise artists across online platforms through such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.


Sessions requires a $150 non refundable booking fee. Additional marketing packages are available for artist promotions.

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