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Winnipeg's Largest Naturally Lit Photo and Video Studio, Located in the Heart of Downtown!

Photography & Videography Studio Rental in Winnipeg, Ontario

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Unlock Your Creativity with Studio A: Premier Photography & Videography Studio Rental in Winnipeg!

Welcome to Studio A at Unreel Creative, your premier destination for Photography Studio Rental in Winnipeg! Our Photography Studio Rental in Winnipeg provides a vast open space spanning over 1500 sqft, perfect for bringing your creative visions to life. Whether you are a professional photographer or a videographer, our well-equipped studio is the ideal choice for your next project.

Looking for Photography Studio Rental in Winnipeg? Look no further! Unreel Creative offers flexible Photography Studio Space For Rent options to suit your specific needs. Our Photography Studio Space For Lease packages are designed to accommodate various requirements, whether you need the studio for a few hours or an extended period.

As a videographer, you'll love our Videography Studio Rental options. Create captivating films, social ads, music videos, and commercials in our versatile studio space. Our studio's amenities and equipment cater to videographers of all levels, ensuring you can focus on producing high-quality content.

Are you searching for Studios To Rent For Photoshoot purposes? Studio A at Unreel Creative is the perfect fit for your needs. We provide a well-equipped Videography Studio Rental space with professional lighting, backdrops, and props to enhance your photography sessions. Our studio's open layout gives you the freedom to explore and capture that perfect shot.

We offer the best Photography Studio Rental in Winnipeg has to offer. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience during your time at Studio A. Feel free to unleash your creativity while we take care of the logistics, making your studio rental experience stress-free and enjoyable. In addition to Photography Studio Rental, our spacious Videography Studio Rental is open to artists, designers, and other creative professionals looking for the perfect space to execute their projects. Whether you're a painter seeking an inspiring environment or a fashion designer preparing for a photoshoot, Studio A has you covered.

So, if you're looking for Videography or Photography Studio Rental in Winnipeg, choose Studio A at Unreel Creative. With our well-equipped facilities and exceptional service, you can focus on creating remarkable content and memories that will last a lifetime. Book now and discover the boundless possibilities Studio A has to offer!

  • Photo Studio Rental Winnipeg

    1500 SQFT STUDIO

    Studio A offers a generous 1500 sqft space, providing ample room for your creative endeavors. Whether you're looking for Photography or Videography Studio Rental, our large studio ensures you have the freedom to explore and experiment, capturing the perfect shots in an open and versatile environment.

  • Photo Studio Rental Winnipeg


    Experience professional-grade lighting setups that elevate the quality of your photos and videos in our Photography Studio Rental. Studio A is equipped with top-notch studio lighting, ensuring you achieve stunning results with every click or shot.

  • Photo Studio Rental Winnipeg


    The Photography Studio Rental in Winnipeg features oversized windows that flood the space with natural light, making it an ideal choice for Photography Studio Space For Rent. Embrace the beauty of natural lighting, enhancing your photos and videos with a touch of authenticity and elegance.

  • Photo Studio Rental Winnipeg


    We provide essential equipment like apple boxes, sandbags, and V-flats to support your photography and videography projects in our Studios To Rent For photoshoots. These tools help you set up scenes, stabilize equipment, and manipulate lighting, ensuring your creativity knows no bounds.

  • Photo Studio Rental Winnipeg


    Stay fueled and refreshed in our Photography or Videography Studio Rental in Winnipeg with our well-stocked full-function kitchen. You can prepare meals or snacks without leaving the studio, ensuring you stay energized and focused on your work.

  • Video Production Winnipeg


    Stay connected and share your creative progress instantly with our complimentary high-speed WiFi. Whether it's Photography or a Videography Studio Rental, you can effortlessly collaborate with clients, and team members, or showcase your work online while enjoying uninterrupted internet access.

  • Video Production Winnipeg


    At Studio A, we understand the importance of having your furry companions by your side with our Photography & Videography Studio Rental Space in Winnipeg. Our pet-friendly policy welcomes your pets into the Photography Studio Rental in Winnipeg, making it a stress-free environment for both you and your beloved animals during your creative projects.

  • Video Production Winnipeg


    Simplify your setup with the furniture included in our Photography or Videography Studio Renta in Winnpegl. Studio A comes equipped with comfortable seating and props to complement your scenes and add convenience to your clients or team members.

  • Video Production Winnipeg


    Stay refreshed and at ease with our well-maintained washroom on-site in our Studios To Rent For Photoshoot. The convenience of having a washroom within the studio ensures you can focus on your creative work without interruption.

  • Video Production Winnipeg

    HEAT A / C

    Regardless of the season, stay comfortable with heating and air conditioning facilities available in our Photography Studio Space For Rent. Maintain an ideal temperature to keep yourself and your subjects at ease while creating your stunning photography and videography content.

Over 1500sqft of Open Space
Create Anything You Can Imagine
Films, Social Ads, Portraits,
Commercials, and Music Videos.

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Studio FAQ


    • What is the minumum time I can book?

    Our minimum booking time is 2 hours, this typically gives you time to set up the scene, and have everything prepped for your shoot!

    • Do I have to pay to use the furniture?

    No no no no, you will not ever have to pay to use the furniture for your

    If you can move it, and keep our furniture clean and undamaged, you can use it! Free of charge!

    • Can I bring pets?

    We have 2 dogs in the studio named Mickey and Leroy! They both love the company, so your pets can make new friends!

    • How many studios do you have?

    We have one 1500sqft studio for video and photo use. We have many backdrops, props, and even a rolling wall/ green screen to make the space look how you imagine!

    • How many people can be in the studio?

    According to the COVID rules, we can safely have up to 50 people in the studio, with plenty of seating for everyone to feel comfortable.

    • Is there lighting?

    Not only are we Winnipeg's largest naturally lit studio, we have many photo and video lights to choose from. Not only that, we can also block out every window for you to completely black out the studio for more lighting control on your shoot!

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