Top 3 spots at the Rorie Street Parkade

Updated: Jan 9

Hello Fellow Winnipeggers! We take a mini trip with Murray Jeep RAM to the Rorie Street Parkade located at 170 McDermot Ave and show you our Top 3 locations.

First, we would like to say, the RAM was slightly too tall for this particular parkade because of the shark fin antenna situated on the roof. With a little elbow grease, aka, pushing on the low sections of the ceiling we were able to squeeze the truck underneath a few tight, tricky spots. Notes for next time, remember to measure the height of the solid antenna.

Now with that out of the way, we headed up to the roof to show you some great angles to use next time you are in search of a great automotive location in Winnipeg. With buildings of several different types surrounding the parkade, it gives you many options to choose from!

If you take a closer look at the images below of the RAM, you may notice it is a bit muddy on the wheels. It may or may not have been off-road prior to this shoot. You may never know unless you check out @murrayjeepram Watch the video on Youtube and let us know the next location we should check out!

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