Eric Curt Peters

Trevor Johnsen

8+ years of experience as an independent filmmaker, editor, and colorist, based in Winnipeg, MB.

He has worked with many brands, and artists with commercial work and music video production. Eric has a passion for storytelling through videography.

10+ years of freelance photography experience and wealth of knowledge gained in the last 5 years as corporate photographer.

A friendly smile and relaxing demeanor allows him to keep his clients happy being in front of the lens.




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We do not work with everyone. Some artists do not have realistic expectations or timelines, and we would prefer working with artists who are willing to put in hard work for their art. We must make sure that we are on the same page before we work on your brand.

When submitting your information to us for a brand consultation please include video links, social media links and any press you have done.  If you only submit one link we will not review your brand.
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