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Suit up, strap your dogs in, grab a coffee, and let's roll a J, this is going to be an Unreel road trip!

With the gear packed up, Unreel was headed off to Vancouver, along with Toba Grown, Aldo Formal Wear, Optimus Gear Co., and Hitch and Boler Coffee. From spreading awareness for Cannabis growing laws in Mb, dressing up in fashionable formal wear, exploring the mountains with our dogs, filming two music videos, and racing exotic cars on the most beautiful roads in Canada! Let's take you along for the ride!

Partners: @tobagrown @optimusgearco @aldoformalwear @hitchandboler @eddy.b47


Over 5000 kms driven, and heavy rain on the first 2 days, which made for some pretty hectic driving for most of the trip. That didn't stop us from capturing some content along the way!

One of the most memorable parts of the drive was taking the Icefields Parkway.

Linking Lake Louise with Jasper, Alberta is one of the most beautiful journeys on the planet - the Icefield Parkway. A 232 km stretch of double-lane highway winding along the Continental Divide through soaring rocky mountain peaks, icefields and vast sweeping valleys. Highly recommend this as part of your journey, it's worth every kilometer!

We were asked a lot how our dogs were on the drive, thanks to Optimus Gear, we ensured the first thing on our minds was safety for the dogs. With multiple successful crash tests, the harnesses and leashes kept them safe and comfortable the entire drive. Moving in and out of the cars was so much easier, thanks to the patented clip system on the leashes.


On another stop of our adventure, we stumbled upon some Toba Rolls ripe for picking! Toba Rolls aren't a common species to Western Canada.

As Toba Grown continues their fight against the Manitoba Government, their not-for-profit cannabis helps support the home grown cannabis laws in Manitoba and Quebec.

Toba Grown has been fighting for the right for Manitobans to be able to legally grow their own Federally legal cannabis for the last few years in a Constitutional Challenge against the Manitoba Government and has also recently joined a similar Challenge in Quebec.

All of TobaGrown's profits will be used to fund our legal bills for our cases, with all remaining profits being donated to multiple local and national charities.

Once TobaGrown raises enough funds for the Constitutional Challenges with these products, TobaGrown will donate all the remaining profits to the following charities:

-Winnipeg Harvest -True North Aid -Manitoba Metis Heritage Fund -Habitat for Humanity Manitoba -Seth Rogan's Hilarity for Charity

TobaGrown is doing a fantastic job of creating awareness and demanding a change in the current laws surrounding the personal cultivation of cannabis.


We finished the drive to Vancouver and met Eddy B as soon as we arrived! With a place to stay secured for the week, we did some location scouting for the week. We worked on the final details of his music videos, and got to work!

Eddy's latest single "24" is a reflection of his life and his growth over the years. He has truly brought life into his music, and he has his girlfriend, baby girl, and puppy to thank for that, as well as his supporters throughout the years.


Between filming Eddy's music videos, we were prepping for another video with Scenic Rush.

From Vancouver to Squamish, the Sea To Sky Highway is possibly the most beautiful and scenic drives you may ever experience. Now add in exotic supercars, and your friends, and Scenic Rush has everything you're looking for.

The Ferrari F430, Audi R8 V10 Plus, and Nissan GT-R are just a few of the cars you can take for a spin, and even switch around with your friends to experience them all!

We rented out the Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting System for this job. As we had to deal with fast cars around some sharp turns, we wanted a system that we felt comfortable with to carry our Blackmagic Cinema Cameras. This whole system was easy to set up, and made for some phenomenal shots we couldn't have achieved before.

The VW Golf R handled beautifully on the drive, with the adaptive suspension as well as the Tilta Car mount, the shots came out incredibly smooth.


To wrap up the trip we took to the streets of Vancouver showing off Winnipeg's own Aldo Formal Wear Sartorial Funk. With all eyes on us, we made our way through the busy city snapping photos. A bright beginning and quick end to our modeling career. Be sure to contact Aldo Formal Wear for your next red carpet!

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