Defender Harness Commercial

  • Unreel Creative

  • Client

    Optimus Gear

  • Director

    Gordon Templeton

  • 1st AD

    1st AD

  • Production Assistant

    Clarize Ariza

  • Behind the Scenes

    Clarize Ariza

  • Director of Photography

    Trevor Johnsen

  • Producer

    Optimus Gear

  • Camera Operator

    Trevor Johnsen

  • Editor/ Colourist

    Eric Curt Peters


Objective: To showcase the Optimus Gear Defender Harness as an essential product for dog owners who believe in treating their pets as part of the family, emphasizing safety in every aspect of life, including car rides.

Target Audience: Pet owners of all ages who are responsible and caring, especially those who frequently travel with their pets. The focus is on individuals who prioritize safety and comfort for every family member, including their pets.

Key Message: Just like you wouldn’t take a drive without buckling up your loved ones, your pets deserve the same safety consideration. The Defender Harness ensures they are secure and comfortable, no matter where your travels take you.

Creative Concept: The commercial taps into the emotional bond between families and their pets, depicting a heartwarming scene where a grandmother, her granddaughter, and their beloved dog enjoy a day out at King's Park. The narrative highlights the Defender Harness as a symbol of love and protection, seamlessly integrating it into the family’s safety routine.