Fall Market Commercial

  • Unreel Creative

  • Starring

    Jesse Carlson

  • Client

    Jesse Carlson - Royal Le Page Prime

  • Director

    Eric Curt Peters

  • Production Assistant

    Clarize Ariza

  • Behind the Scenes

    Clarize Ariza

  • Director of Photography

    Eric Curt Peters

  • Camera Operator

    Eric Curt Peters

  • Editor/ Colourist

    Eric Curt Peters


Jesse Carlson's Fall Market Campaign

Client: Jesse Carlson, Real Estate Agent

Production Company: [Your Production Company Name]

Key Personnel:

Director: Eric Curt Peters

Camera Operator: Eric Curt Peters Assistant/1st

AC: Clarize Ariza

Equipment Used: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

Overview: The campaign is designed to showcase Jesse Carlson's expertise in real estate, while also highlighting the unique properties he is representing this fall. The entire campaign is captured in a single-take format, which brings a sense of immediacy and authenticity to the viewer experience.

Objectives: To increase Jesse Carlson's brand awareness in the real estate market. To engage prospective homebuyers and sellers. To highlight the key properties in Jesse's portfolio for the fall season. Concept: The single-take shot is an immersive journey that takes viewers through a featured property, narrated by Jesse Carlson himself. This approach not only showcases the property in an engaging manner but also allows Jesse to demonstrate his expertise and personality.

Execution: Pre-production: Detailed planning was carried out to ensure the single-take would flow seamlessly, including shot lists, walk-throughs, and rehearsals. Filming: The campaign was shot using a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K to ensure the highest quality. The single-take approach was executed with meticulous precision to ensure a seamless viewer experience.

Post-production: Minimal editing was required, maintaining the integrity of the single-take concept. Color grading and audio mixing were performed to enhance the final product.

Distribution Channels: Jesse Carlson's official website Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) Email newsletters Metrics for Success: Video views and engagement rates Increase in inquiries from prospective clients Positive feedback from viewers and stakeholders Conclusion: The campaign aims to set Jesse Carlson apart in a crowded real estate market through a unique and engaging single-take video. The use of high-quality equipment and meticulous planning ensures a professional end product that resonates with the target audience.