Be My Wife (Official Music Video)

  • Unreel Creative

  • Starring

    Ben Tamana

    Andrew Sannie

    Keys Babalola

  • Client

    Ben Tamana Music

  • Director

    Eric Curt Peters

  • 1st AD

    Trevor Johnsen

  • Behind the Scenes

    Ben Tamana

  • Director of Photography

    Eric Curt Peters

    Skye Spence

  • Producer

    Unreel Creative

  • Camera Operator

    Eric Curt Peters

  • Editor/ Colourist

    Eric Curt Peters



"Be My Wife" is not just a song, but a visual narrative of two contrasting love stories. Through carefully curated scenes and powerful lyrics, the music video will transport its audience to the emotional landscapes of two artists.


Ben Tamana:

Opening with a deep reflection, Ben delves into his emotions post-wedding, expressing his profound love and admiration for his wife. Through intricate visuals and evocative lyrics, his verse paints the vibrant canvas of matrimonial bliss, cherished memories, and a future filled with hope.

Andrew Sannie:

Providing a counterpoint, Andrew’s verse unveils a different kind of yearning. His lines and the accompanying visuals capture the essence of a man in search of love, longing for connection, and dreaming of a relationship as profound as Ben's.

Visual Aesthetic:

The music video will artfully juxtapose the vintage feel of a studio with the bustling, modern aura of downtown locations. The intention is to mirror the timeless nature of love, effortlessly bridging the classic with the contemporary.


To create a visually captivating and emotionally resonant music video that aptly portrays the lyrics and essence of "Be My Wife," delving into the distinct emotional worlds of the two artists - one wrapped in marital bliss, and the other in the hopeful pursuit of love.


"Be My Wife" is more than a musical rendition; it's a visual diary of love in its various forms. Whether it's the settled warmth of a loving marriage or the anticipatory thrill of love yet found, the music video aims to resonate with every viewer's heart, invoking feelings of nostalgia, hope, and deep emotion.